Muhammed Zakaria

Muhammed Zakaria was arrested in 2009 after being accused in the 2008 Bengaluru bomb blast case.


After the 2008 Bengaluru bomb blast—where one person was killed and 20 injured—Muhammed Zakaria was the eighth person accused of involvement in the blast. Zakaria is described as an example of the fate of “Suspected Indian Muslim youth.” Despite the fact that Muslims make up 14.2% of India’s population, Muslims made up almost 30% of all detainees in Indian prisons in 2021, according to Muslim Mirror.

Life and Activism

Originally from Kerala, 19-year-old Muhammed Zakaria was arrested on February 9, 2009 under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act on February 5, 2009, according to The Quint. He was accused of creating timers for the 2008 bomb blasts in Bengaluru. Upon arresting Zakaria, the Karnataka Police failed to inform the local police or Zakaria’s family. The police also allegedly threatened Zakaria’s mothers to stay silent about her son’s arrest, claiming that media attention would further postpone her son’s release. The Karnataka police had two witnesses, both of whom later publicly retracted their statements. Haridas, a prosecution witness, stated that “the police made [him] become a witness” and “created the witnesses.” Haridas was also forced to sign a paper in Kannada, a language he does not know. The second witness, Nizamudheen, said that “Zakaria cannot make these timers because he has only studied till 10th grade in school. A person with that qualification cannot design microchips. You need at least a BTech for that.”

Zakaria has endured grave physical and mental deterioration after ten years in prison and in solitude. He now suffers from serious headaches and various other illnesses.

Charges and Allegations

Zakaria was charged under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

Current Status

Still in prison

Last Update

During his 10 years in jail, Zakariya has only received bail twice for extremely short periods of time. He received bail for his brother’s wedding and for his brother’s sudden passing. Many attribute the delay of bail for Zakariya to the fact that he “is not politically or economically powerful and influential in society, ” according to Twocircles. People have been actively advocating for Zakariya’s immediate release under the Justice for Zakariya Action Council.

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