Abdullah Umar Gautam

Abdullah Gautam is a social worker arrested in the alleged religious conversion racket.


Abdullah Umar is a business student. He was arrested when he was on his way to a hospital. The official accused him of being involved in religious conversion and distributing money to those who converted. Abdullah works with the Islamic Da’wa Centre (IDC) run by his father, Umar Gautam, who was also arrested by the UP police under similar charges. The IDC is a charitable organization that provides financial and other support in different forms to people who convert to Islam. The organization seeks to assist them morally, educationally, and legally.

Circumstances of Arrest

Abdullah was arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS)  on November 6, 2021, under the state’s anti-conversion law. According to the ATS, he was questioned about financial sources and connections to other accused, including his father, in the alleged religious conversion racket. The ATS alleges them of being involved in ‘forceful conversions’ luring Hindus from the weaker sections to convert to Islam. 

 According to his Lawyer, Abdullah Gautam was picked up without any notice or prior information, and the arrest was arbitrary. His mother, Razia Gautam, claims that Abdullah has hepatitis and needs medical attention, and the officials have not provided any medical facilities. She asserts that Abdullah had no involvement in “religious conversion.” He was helping his father, and the media trial could destroy his career. 

Charges and Allegations

 The Prohibition of Unlawful Religious Conversion Ordinance, 2020

Current Status

 Not released yet. 

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